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Floating (working title)

STAMP have been awarded funding to research and develop a site-specific installation, aiming to bring cutting edge research at Warwick University, about the world of Cyanobacteria, to the wider public.

During this development phase STAMP will be exploring the potential to create a site-specific installation, with lead researchers Prof. Orkun Soyer and his team, subject to an application for further funding. By the end of the first exploratory phase the researchers and the artists will evaluate and model ideas around this central concept. Artists will be invited to collaborate at an early stage to explore the world of these fundamental microorganisms and their role in supporting life on earth to deepen the framework of the artistic concept to reach a wide audience.

In these workshops, we will engage artists and performers covering a diverse set of media, including video, animation, dance, paint, and poetry, to discuss around key scientific themes emerging from our research. These themes include coordinated and emergent behaviour of filamentous multi-cellular cyanobacteria resulting in formation of micro- and macro-structures, interaction of cyanobacteria and different bacteria in these structured ecosystems, and the roles of these structures in environmental carbon fixation and oxygen production.

A still view of a lake with trees in the background and flowers in the foreground