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We are delighted to announce some changes at STAMP Theatre and Media Productions CiC

New Creative Producer

We are joined by Edward Dyer in a new role to complement our expanding organisation as Creative Producer.

Edward has rapidly demonstrated his consummate skills as a highly skilled arts administrator working with leading organisations in the arts world in Coventry. He is currently responsible for digital events at the University of Warwick  and is also supporting the Belgrade Theatre with a Business Process Review. However not known to many Edward is an accomplished writer and fine artist as well as being able to turn his hand to company and stage management, in fact there is not much about the theatre making marketing and administration that Edward has not been involved in.   STAMP CiC is  a Community Interest Company  with a width and breadth of work in terms of our skills and knowledge base that  enables us to produce unique arts events fuelled by academic research.

Two Directors becoming Associate Directors

Ben Robinson and Catherine Elliott-Kemp have resigned as Directors owing to the pressure of other commitments but are remaining with us as Associate Directors. Ben and Catherine were two of the foundeing members of STAMP Productions Ltd., which was registered as a spin out company from the University of Warwick in 2018 and then became an independent CiC in 2020. STAMP which stands for Stamp Theatre and Media Productions began life over 25 years ago as Santé Theatre, founded by Claudette Bryanston and Gillian Hundt  to foster public engagement with research through the arts. We continue to flourish and grow.